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Never Leave Guns Where Dogs Can Reach By Mike ClarkComments

Never Leave Guns Where Dogs Can Reach By Mike ClarkComments

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Never Leave Guns Where Dogs Can Reach By Mike ClarkComments

We can all agree that there should never be a situation where a dog inadvertently discharges a firearm, regardless of where you stand on the gun control argument.

Most respectable gun owners are aware of this and would never leave a loaded firearm in a location where their beloved dogs could harm themselves or others.

Even responsible gun owners, as evidenced by some of the genuine incidents below, can make a mistake or turn their focus away for a little period.

If you have a rifle in your home or prefer to hunt with your dog, these incidents should serve as a warning that you cannot afford to be distracted when your firearm is ready for use, especially if your dog is around.

Here is a  true stories that prove you should never leave a loaded gun with the safety off where a dog can reach.

Ryan Brill, a pizza delivery boy from Ohio, was delivering an order to Anthony Wulf's house.

Wulf moved to lay his gun on a table when he heard the knock at the door. Wulf's dog dashed to the door and managed to knock the gun to the floor. Brill was injured in the leg by the weapon.

Fortunately, the injuries did not pose a life-threatening hazard. Brill, on the other hand, had to go to the hospital and was forced to use crutches for three weeks.

Why would you answer the door for a pizza with a loaded rifle with the safety off, especially if you know an enthusiastic dog will be rushing around? Why not raise the pistol above your dog's reach, where it won't be knocked over?

With even a smidgeon of common judgment, this accident may have been avoided.


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