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Only One Hand To Pet Wit

Only One Hand To Pet Wit

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Only One Hand To Pet Wit

When there are dogs around, even your hands aren't always a safe place for a loaded rifle.

Rene was hunting with his three dogs in France when two of them chased down a deer. Instead of going after the deer, the third dog, who was new to hunting, stayed behind.

The dog eventually leapt up on his owner and pulled the shotgun trigger. Part of the man's hand was blown off in the blast, and it had to be removed later at the hospital.

The dog was not held accountable by the man. He admitted that the safety should have been turned off from the start. With only one hand, he'll have to manage to pet three dogs.

Keep the safety on until you're ready to shoot. Even if you are not carrying a gun, it may be within reach of your dog, and accidents do occur.


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