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NSSF: Moms Demand Action Wants No Cops and No Guns

NSSF: Moms Demand Action Wants No Cops and No Guns

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NSSF: Moms Demand Action Wants No Cops and No Guns

Shannon Watts, the head mom, has a new request. She wants police to be the next to give up their guns once the rest of America has done so.
"Police violence is gun violence," Shannon Watts, the head of the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, told Fortune magazine.

Watts has made some awful statements in the past, but this is beyond the pale. Her "woke" awareness has blinded her to the rampant lawlessness that plagues urban populations, leading her to support stupid and vengeful policies promoted by politicians chasing "Defund the Police" demands. Cries of citizens who have been left defenseless to the cruel and merciless criminals running amok have been heard in the aftermath.

Accusations that are abhorrent


Watts equates all guns with all criminal conduct. Cops must be terrible since they carry firearms. This reveals Watts, Moms Demand, and her backer, anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, for the out-of-touch beliefs they are imposing on the rest of the country. Watts is well aware that the show is done. Between March and May, more than 2.5 million Americans stopped listening to Hillary and her pro-gun allies and bought a gun. The sale of firearms is at an all-time high.

The issue isn't with the cops. It isn't law-abiding gun owners who are the issue. The issue is criminality. Watts readily agrees to the mob's demand that crime be blamed on the very people who safeguard us from crime.

It's not anything she's experienced before. After the killing of Sacramento's Stephon Clark in 2018, she painted all cops with a broad racial brush. Watts charged, tried, and convicted the cops as racist killers in the court of public opinion before the facts of the case were known. She compared the awful death to the horrific church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina. The district attorney in Sacramento County examined the event but decided not to press charges against the officers involved.

Watts is unconcerned about crimes.

Watts, on the other hand, believed they were already guilty. Watts believed then, and still believes now, that everyone who carries a gun, whether in the line of duty or for self-defense, is culpable. Watts' never-ending blame game about firearms has blinded her to the criminals who bring violence to cities. When "Raz the Warlord" was dishing out firearms from the trunk of his automobile in Seattle, Watts was suspiciously quiet. When two people, including a teen, were killed there, she remained silent. Watts said nothing about the soaring crime in Chicago or the criminals in New York City who killed a 1-year-old child.

Meanwhile, African-American communities are pleading with Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio to reinstate the police units that he cut. The communities Watts professes to protect are pleading with police departments to restore cops to their neighborhoods in order to combat a burgeoning criminal element.
Watts is well aware that her clout is dwindling. Two and a half million people realized their right to bear arms, moved away from her fearmongering, and she realized she was no longer relevant. If you dare to dispute with her, she'll insist that you go as well.


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